blue ribbonProposals for changes in Irish Family Law to recognise the rights of all children in relation to both their father and their mother

When a father and mother break up, separate or divorce, children should not be penalised. On the contrary, they should have the right to continue to develop physically, emotionally and psychologically with the love, and meaningful involvement and support of their father and mother along with their extended maternal and paternal families.

The following proposals for changes in Irish Family Law through ammendments to the Irish Constitution are meant to reflect that principle.

Except where it is clearly contrary to a child’s best interests and irrespective of whether their father and mother are, have been or were married to each other or not:


  • ALL children's right to equal access to both their father and their mother
  • both maternal and paternal grandparents’ right to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives
  • a father’s and mother’s equal parenting rights and responsibilities in relation to their child
  • a father’s and mother's equal parental authority regarding education, health and religion
  • a wider definition of 'family' to include unmarried fathers


  • a minimum of 3 days paid Paternity Leave
  • accountability and transparency in Family Law Courts by removing the ‘in camera’ rule while respecting privacy


  • false, unsubstantiated or scurrilous accusations
  • non-respect or frustration of access arrangements
  • Parental Alienation as a form of child abuse