is a resource for separated, unmarried and divorced fathers and their children. It promotes equal and shared parenting for both fathers and mothers except if contrary to the children's best interests. also aims to promote the active and meaningful involvement of fathers and the extended paternal family (grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) in the children's lives.

Unfortunately, the reality for many children under current Irish Family Law is that access to their fathers and to paternal grandparents can be extremely limited, if not inexistent, despite their father's best efforts.  hopes to raise awareness of some of the invisible barriers or 'glass walls' that unmarried fathers are confronted with while trying to continue positive parenting roles and relationships with their children. These are often accompanied by limited, frustrated or inexistent access time.

Because having both father and mother actively involved in a child's life in a loving and meaningful way should be a fundamental right for every child,  also puts forward positive proposals in children's best interests.